Underwater Navigation Solution

Satellite aided navigation for divers

The Underwater Navigation Solution (UNS) enables divers to view their position while under water. The Valtamer UNS is designed to work with Alltab® the underwater tablet. The Valtamer UNS includes a satellite signal receiver kit (GPS/GLONASS), Valtamer Connection software and the Valtamer Navigator Pro application.

The Valtamer Navigator Pro is a navigation application. It was designed in cooperation with both military and scientific divers. Valtamer Connection application, connects the UNS and Alltab® together.

The UNS signal receiver kit includes four major components.

When the satellite signal receiver module is above the surface and the kit is connected to Alltab. A diver can view his/her position on the Valtamer Navigator Pro application. The UNS satellite signal receiver can also be used with other Valtamer software applications.

There are two ways to use the UNS during a dive. The buoy can be left above surface and it will follow the diver as he/she swims. This way, the diver will constantly see his/her location on the navigation software. The UNS can also be used similarly to a periscope by releasing the buoy to the surface, receiving a satellite signal for positioning and reeling the buoy back down to the diver.

Benefits and use cases