We are - Valtamer.

Valtamer is purpose driven, rugged, adventurous and reliable. Our roots stem from Nordic scientific divers and the rough northern elements. Our brand and products reflect these conditions and our marine heritage. Valtamer was designed as a brand to be taken seriously. We believe you can be proud to work with Valtamer solutions.

Our vision is to become a global leader in providing underwater ICT solutions. Follow us on social media and stay up to date on our endeavour!

Our flagship, Alltab - the underwater tablet, enables divers to bring a tablet computer with a functional touchscreen underwater. This solution, grants divers the ability to take notes, collect data, access information and navigate during their underwater mission. The Alltab is currently in beta phase, undergoing the final development and test rounds with our team of divers.

In addition, we are developing signal receiver kits to connect the Alltab with both internet and global positioning solutions such as GPS and Glonass. More to follow on the signal receiver kits during 2018.

As a result of Nordic design and craftsmanship our solutions are lightweight, easily portable, rugged and stunning in appearance.

Check out our new social media channels to learn more. With any questions you may have concerning the Valtamer solutions contact a Valtamer team member or info@valtamer.com.

Best regards and thrilling dives,

— The Valtamer team