Internet and GPS buoy

Allhub® makes it possible to get internet and GPS connectivity under water. With this new technology, Allhub is breaking new ground for underwater professionals, technical, recreational, and military divers.

Our patented technology (patent pending) allows you to connect your Alltab® underwater tablet to the internet and get a GPS signal while diving.

Allhub is delivered fully operational and its compact size makes it easy to take along for any dive. You only need to install a local SIM card for your geographical area to the surface unit in order to get internet connectivity. GPS and mobile internet modules work independently from each other.

Allhub comes with a 12 meter (39 feet) antenna equipped with WiFi/Bluetooth communication discs that connect wirelessly to the diver's tablet and surface unit, a surface unit with mobile internet and GPS modules, a watertight pouch and carrying case/surface buoy, as well as dedicated software to allow communication between the surface unit and the Alltab.

Uses and benefits

  • Get internet and GPS connectivity while diving
  • Connects to your Alltab underwater tablet
  • Two-way communication with the surface
  • Collect data & navigate more accurately
  • Increased safety

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